Maybe I'm A-Maized

I talk about corn and corn-related products.

Review: Corn flake cupcakes

Once in a while, something comes along in which you are fascinated by, enamored with. A new spin on something so old and tested, corn flakes. Boring old corn flakes. What could you do with corn flakes? Put them in a cup b*tch. This rules. The way the cup compliments the flakiness of the common corn flake is genius. And it is so simple. Recommended.

Review: Creamed corn


I rather enjoyed this fresh take on a classic, legendary icon of food 

Review: Early sunglow corn

A variety of the sweet version of corn. I don't usually mess with that stuff but I will make an exception for this review, because I do enjoy the appearance of what I have come to call Early sunglow corn. I. wasn't a huge fan of this , as with most sweet corns it was very unpleasant, the watery taste of regular corn and sweetness doesn't mix well , and that applies to the Early sunglow corn. Sorry.

Review: Corn on the cob


Corn on the cob, AKA sweet poles, are a cob of corn on a skewer. I bought my corn on the cob from some nice man in a curb selling some. It wasn't bad. Could've used some more salt.